About Us

About Us


Lawrie and Gillian sadly lost their first child, Jacob, after he was diagnosed with the condition Bilateral Renal Agenesis at their 20 week anomaly scan.


Bereft and devastated at this diagnosis they searched the internet for some form of treatment, cure, hope that their precious little boy would be ok. 

They found information about bilateral renal agenesis in various searched but they were overwhelmed by all the different information there was. They were desperate to find one site which could help them find all the information they needed.


It quickly became apparent that there was no miracle treatment or cure which could be found and sadly Jacob was born sleeping in the early hours of Saturday 11th January 2014, looking just like his daddy.


It was a number of weeks after Jacob was born that Lawrie and Gillian found the support they so desperately needed.

As Lawrie said they were abandoned and left to try and navigate this traumatic experience on their own.


It was a harrowing time for them both but after finding those guiding lights through the darkness they began to discuss the setting up of a charity in Jacob's memory, somewhere parents, family and friends who have been touched by a diagnosis of bilateral renal agenesis can go for information and support.


And so Renal Agenesis UK was developed and finally launched on Friday 11th January 2019, Jacob's 5th birthday / anniversary.